Making-Money in Smithing


Good profession can make more RS Gold for your leveling up.Smithing can be a very tedious skill, but with a lot of effort, you can make millions (Even in freeplay!). The basic idea of RS2 Gold making with Smithing is to take any ores you bought or Mined, and Smith them into bars which can be sold like that, or made into something else. There are three or more ways to make RuneScape Gold from Smithing, and they both require a lot of steel bars. The Freeplay Smithing method requires a higher level than the Members method, but the Freeplay version can also be used by Members to runescape2 gold.

You can also make RuneScape2 Gold by smithing Iron Knifes. This method requires Smithing level 22, Iron Ores (can be mined at level 15, or bought from other players) and a Ring of Forging (can be made with crafting level 34 and Magic level 49 or bought). Just to buy runescape money to join the game.

First of all, buy or obtain Iron Ores and a Ring of Forging. Smelt the Iron Ores into Iron Bars while wielding a Ring of Forging. Then smith the Iron Bars into Iron Knifes. This way you can make a profit of 68 RS2 GP per bar even when you buy all the materials. When you get all the materials yourself you can make a profit of 175 RuneScape2 GP per bar.

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