The experience of PK in Dragon Ball


DBO Gold is often used in Wukong VS Beiji Ta, These two men are opponents; the game can be described as a battle of wisdom, courage, waves, and trick!

I am using Sun Wukong, the enemy is the Beiji Ta.At first, the game played fiercely with fists and feet, until both sides had left a little blood, and air force are 100%. Beiji Ta used 100% of the air force to release a complete flash gun which you can get via Dragon Ball Gold , Wukong is not ready to run away, so I used the moment quick-moving back to the back of enemy when I am a few meters away from the wave, although only 50% kill, but enough to kill off the Beiji Ta.Also, Dragon Ball Power Leveling will add your strengthen and keep attack power.

We all know that it is difficult to avoid Ki Blast which sent by Wukong from the top in Piccolo VS Wukong, because there is a moving moment, dragon ball Online gold ca help you more or less in this case. Or you can make a defense or quickly move before its attacking, but this time, I broke this tactic inadvertently. He came to me with moving instantly; originally Renzoku released from the bottom changed into Special beam Canon with which to kill him before he sent Ki Blast .his tricks was cracked up again!

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