Limit in c9

C9 Gold can do favor for players in c9 although there is Fatigue limit: the regular principle of 100 points per day will remain when doing publish test. You can not go copies when it is ran out. You can try to do deputies instead to get more c9 online gold. Because of this restriction, going into copy must be considered every time. The task must be well connected. Do not get to know task and go back after kicking down a copy .This is a waste of time and fatigue. Remember to kill up all the monsters in copy in order to avoid a waste of time. Also pay attention to this; you can go into any copy to play an entire process when the fatigue remains 1 point. Therefore, this last one point fatigue is best used to play the best and most long-distance copy.

Task limit: to buy c9 gold to get money fast without spending long time doing many tasks is popular with many players, task in the game is very important. Do not equip it with little experience and task, they all have following tasks and will give you the best equipment with the same level and SP skill points. Basically, the latter high-level tasks all will give SP skill points. This is very important to anyone. You will regret not learning high-level skills for lacking the one point skill. So, c9 power leveling is often chosen by people.

You will keep hearing the sayings like 4-3, 7-4, in this case. The figures in front of a copy are meaning grades. The back figures mean difficulty. For example, I'm going to make the fourth degree of difficulty in 25 copies .we Call this 25-4.

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