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 FFXIV GIL will save your time in FFXIV .I have so much nostalgia from FFXI, so much. The adventures, the people and breathtaking. I went to Europe last summer and actually met up with 3 of my old ls mates who lived there. The whole experience is a great chapter in my life.
But, sadly, other then you getting in touch with the whole mechanics of FFXI are about all you will get out of the game. Like, that seems really harsh, but here what I think you can acquire from the game that could help you get into FFXIV more.
1. The mechanics seem familiar to me from watching FFXIV game play videos. It seems different, but familiar. If you get the hang of FFXI's battle system and controls, maybe that will get you used to the controls in 14. you will get better equipment with FFXIV Power leveling.
2. Friends. These little guys are about the most important thing, in my opinion, in FFXI or FFXIV. The community of FFXI was unbeatable by any other MMO community that I've experienced. These guys are so helpful, and in FFXI, they will be a critical part of your advancement (I would say =/). Maybe if you get into FFXI long enough you can make some real keepers that will go into 14 with you ,sometimes ,choose to make a team or party for it is easy to get cheap ffxiv gil.
3. The memories. These can't be achieved by you. Yes, you could definitely make some friends and have some good times, but after you are done with FFXI and you move on. Well, I know that you will quit prematurely for FFXIV, and you won't have enough to really look back. Hope you have a good time with Buy FFXIV Gil.

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