N.E.O Online Now Grand Open Beta

NEO Gold is still useful for players all the time.N.E.O Online enable players to change in-game actions and environments by the interaction among players themselves. This is truly a unique feature that sets N.E.O apart from any other MMO games. Players are able to play N.E.O Online simply with a PlayOMG/Facebook/Yahoo/Myspace account and password.

The class-free system gives players the chance to choose from different paths for developing unique characters with various skills which is different from using more NEO Online Gold before. With the chaos system, players will be able to change the world status between peace and chaos. The chaos mode allows players to freely join PvP battles fighting against others of the same region. It is also possible that players can earn better Cheap NEO Gold dropped from chaos monsters.

N.E.O Online simply makes trading more efficient by offering many ways for players to choose from. The trading system includes general store and grade stores. In most brokers' merchandise, players can find general items at original prices. Random items are available in a grade store. Different from other MMOs, featured consignment sale agency allows players to join an auction and bid for nice items.

Along with N.E.O’s official release, the game’s item mall has opened. The item mall contains many exclusive outfits for NEO Gold Seller to show off personal style. Players can choose from a variety of aid items including power-up spells, licenses, potions and more. In addition, players can also take advantage of the open beta event. Players who create character will receive a Buy NEO Gold Kit consisting of helpful cash items.

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